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FAQ's of FF Fisher

Question: What if I have a start-up business and don’t have any financial history as a business?
Answer: Although your business may not have financial history, we are able to use your personal financial history to determine viability.

Question: Am I able to roll “soft costs” such as repairs, installation, and maintenance into my lease?
Answer: Yes, we can incorporate those soft costs in with your lease payment.

Question: I have a seasonal operation so my income fluctuates throughout the year. Can you tailor a lease for my needs?
Answer: Yes, we are able to structure lease payments to come due when cash flow is at its optimum level. We can even structure your lease payments to come due annually.

Question: My business is just starting out. I am working to obtain customers, but need equipment in the interim to grow my customer base. How can I afford the equipment I need to do business in the meantime?
Answer: We can structure your lease payments to increase over time, allowing you to get the equipment you need now and grow into your payments as your company grows.

Question: What advantages are there to leasing versus buying?
Answer: Leasing allows you to: purchase equipment you need with a much lower/no down payment, stay current with technology, have set payments that are easier to budget (no surprises). Depending on the type of lease, you may be able to write off your lease payments on your taxes. You can structure your lease payments in a way that works for you and your business.

Question: Can I structure my lease so I own the equipment at the end of the lease term?
Answer: Yes, we can structure your lease so you own the equipment when the lease term has ended with little or no money down.

Question: My fleet trucks have high miles and need to be replaced. I would like to lease trucks at this time, but need to liquidate my old inventory. Can FF Fisher help?
Answer: Yes we can help you liquidate your aged fleet through our extensive network of remarking channels. We can also accept your used inventory as a down payment on the new lease.

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